Horizontal Compact Flow Wrapping
Applicable Packaging Products:
Pet food, bread, cakes, moon cakes, instant noodles, biscuits, snacks, pastry products, productive wrapping of boxed products, candy, blisters, cosmetics products, toy industry, cards.
Compact construction for reducing space and cost requirement.
Bag length is easy adjusted by the indicator.
Equipped with precision photocell sensor for tracing control .
Auto-stop for out of film .
Efficiently working performance and labor saving .
All product-contacted areas are in stainless steel or plastic construction.
Optional Accessories:
Auto-feeding system.
Date coder.
Stainless frame.
Model No.
Operating speed
Bag length
Max. Film Width
Max. Diameter
Max. Product Width
Max. Product Height
Machine Dimensions
Machine Weight
20 - 150 pack/min
80 - 320 mm
320 mm
300 mm
20 - 120 mm (50 - 150 mm)
50 mm (80 mm)
L: 2950 mm, W: 800 mm, H: 1520 mm
600 kgs