The Free Standing Bandall
High capacity, user friendly, low maintenance:
Bandall equipment will band virtually anything! The unique in-feed system ensures a fast and reliable processing of the banding material. The advantages are numerous: a very high production capacity; user friendly operation; very low and clean maintenance. Also, a clean banding process is guaranteed by virtue of the UCS (Ultra Clean Sealing) system installed in all Bandall models. Additionally, the Bandall is designed to work with very fine film or paper banding, considerably reducing material requirements, saving in costs at the same time as contributing to a cleaner environment.
Variety in arch dimensions and material widths:
The Bandall is available with very wide ranging arch sizes to accommodate all sizes of products and groups of products. There are 4 standard band widths available: 28mm, 48mm, 75mm and 100mm. An external reel holder can be added enabling installation of a thermo-transfer printer to print directly onto the band, for example, a bar code, series number, date, etc. Our Sales Advisors will be pleased to offer you information and support.