Four Side Seal Flow Wrapping Machines
Applicable Packaging Products:
Facial mask, herb plaster, wet tissue.
Three sets of temperature controllers perfectly monitor the sealing temperature and offer the hermetic seal.
Speed control by frequency inverter.
M plate device divides printed packaging film into two separated film through the wrapping process for the accuracy of four side sealing.
Safety guard.
The machine stops automatically when film runs out.
Optional Accessories:
Date coder.
Stainless steel machine frame.
Side seal edge trimming device.
Model No.
Operating speed
Bag length
Max. Film Width
Product width
Product height
Max. Product Height
Main drive motor

20 - 120 pack/min
80 - 320 mm
450 mm
30 - 150 mm
1 - 10 mm
50 mm (80 mm)
1 HP
1600 W / 2000 W for center sealer, 1200 W for end sealer