Fighter 4000A (Max.-Output-4000-Watt)
These models are specifically designed for semi-automatic and automatic production. Easy use, easy set up. Install by place over current conveyor without modification at conveyor. Special designed in water cooled by recirculator low maintenance type.
Single compact package for easy move and installation.
Adjustable support for easy set up to variety of bottle height, standard range from floor to induction coil is 80-135 cm. (other range available)
Water recirculator low maintenance type, not water chiller and no compressor. Just a small water pump and fan only.
Input 220vac 50hz 1phase (110vac 50/60hz available), designed for protect every input problem such as voltage fluctuation.
Many induction coil type for suitable to many cap type. Such as very small cap 5 mm of toothpaste, 40 mm of lube oil bottle, 70 mm of cream pot or 120 mm of cookies pot.
Automatic operation when bottle present.
Stalled bottle detection.
Missing foil liner in cap detection.
No cooling water or cooling water overheat detection.
Electrical contact for shut off line when machine alarm
Electrical contact for automatic rejector.
6 digits counter for total incoming bottle.
4 digits counter for missing foil liner bottle.
Output voltage and current display at control panel.
Steel structure with epoxy coated. (stainless steel structure available for food or pharmaceutical industry)
Stainless steel top chain conveyor. Width, length, height and speed of conveyor are up to customer requested.
Automatic pneumatic rejector. For reject missing foil liner bottle by automatically